Hello everyone,

I set up a new Help Desk system to replace our existing one. The paper work orders are still available but I suggest giving this system a try.

You can submit your requests in two ways. Pick the one you are most
comfortable using.

1. Click the link below or copy and paste it into the address bar of Internet Explorer or Firefox:


I recommend creating a short cut on your desktop for this link. Right click on your desktop and select New on the context menu that appears. Now click on Shortcut and next type the above URL into the bar under the heading "Type the location of the item:". When you have done that you can click on the Next button at the bottom and you can name the shorcut, I recommend something similar to Help Desk. Finally, click the Finish button.

2. Send an email to the following address and your request will be created:


Please be advised that this option will enter your request into the help desk system but you will not be able to track it. Option 1 will allow you to enter your work order into the system and track it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me for help on getting set up.