Media Club engages students who exhibit interest and talent in photography, videography, and newspaper. Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through training programs such as video editing, short film projects, and photography courses.


Recently, students have been learning what media is and how it is used today. They will soon find out how to navigate through the media, while creating media of their own.

What We've Done


Students collaborate together to formulate questions to ask fellow students.

Here is an example of students questions and how others answered.


Whats your name? Rydr

Whats your fav game? Roblox

Whats your fav subject? Recec

Whats will you do to help the school? Tear it down and make a waterpark.


Whats your name? Kieron

Whats your fav food? Pizza

Whats your fav subject? Reading

Whats will you do to help the school? Give it money

Whats your fav color? Purple


Whats your favorite color? Pink

Whats your name? Heidi

What is your fav book? My Little Pony

What is your fav place to go on vaca? Hawaii 


Whats your name? Rhett

What is your favert coler? Yellow

What is your favert anamal? Human

What is your favert subject in school? Siance 

Who is the most important person in your life? My famlie


What is your name? Kiernan

How old are you? 7

Whats your favrate movie? Spiderman

Who is yar teacher? Mrs. Harp

What is your favrate toy outside? Tire swing


What is your name? Wyatt

Who do u like? No one

Pizza or chease? Pizza

Avocado or banna? Banna

Fav color? Blue

Fav animal? Cows

Have u been in a car wrack? No

Students learn what advertisements are for and were tasked with making an ad for something they like. Some chose video games others chose things like candy bars.