Many are concerned and have questions about how we will be doing our distance learning after today's vote by the State Board of Education to close schools for the remainder of the year. More information will be coming but for right now, just remember...

*We cannot start learning packets, online courses, or anything until April 6th.

*We are definitely considering the fact that not all of our students have access to a computer and/or the Internet.

*Don't panic! Give us time to get a plan in place. This is all new to us too. Have patience with us as we approach this large task.

*Enjoy these days with your children. Many of you are doing some learning activities at home and that is up to you and your family.

*Each day we wake up to new decisions, information, and guidelines for getting through this crisis. We cannot make any decisions about graduation or anything else at this time because we just don't know.

*Everyone gets the information at the same time with our all-call system, Facebook app, Facebook page, and website. Calling or messaging about these items will not help at this time. We promise to keep you informed.

Please stay safe. We are a small school but we are a big family. #jacketfamily #jacketpride