Distance Learning - Let's Get Started

We are definitely in a new arena with our jump into distance learning.  We hope everyone will be patient with us as we iron out all the details.

The teachers will be making contact with you to get everything going.  You may also contact them.  To make things a little easier, many of them have made groups for students to join to get their information.  We understand that many students aren't old enough or aren't allowed to be on Facebook.  You, as parent or guardian, may join to get the information.  You may need to answer a question when joining the group or message the teacher to let them know which student you are representing.  This especially helps our teachers in grades 7-12 who have 6 classes every day.  Students in grades 7-12 are reminded to also check their school assigned email.

Click HERE for the PDF document or here for Excel doc that lists the teachers' who have made groups or other online options for class communication.  We will update this list as necessary.

Paper packets will not be available for pickup until Monday, April 13th.  Teachers will have designated "class hours" every day to help your students.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your teacher.  We can do this!!