Looking for a new, exciting and extremely relevant second language option with possible college credit for your Cherokee Junior and Senior high school students with no out-of-pocket expenses? In other words

ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the answer.  Today, Cherokee citizen students can learn their native tongue through Rogers State University’s Concurrent Classes Cherokee 1 and 2. The first opportunity to enroll in Cherokee I is now open for the summer session starting June 7.


Who is eligible for this opportunity?

  1. High School junior and seniors who are Cherokee citizens.
  2. Students must be Cherokee citizens residing in the 14 counties of the Cherokee Nation. 
  3. Students must apply for admission to RSU and be eligible to enroll in concurrent college courses by meeting GPA and/or ACT Test score benchmarks with parental and school administrative permission.
  4. Students must apply for the Cherokee Nation Language Scholarship to cover cost of applicable course fees / RSU tuition is waived for eligible enrollees.


When are classes offered?

  • Cherokee I – RSU SUMMER 2021 SESSION starting June 7
  • Cherokee I – RSU FALL 2021 SESSION starting August 16
  • Cherokee I & Cherokee II – RSU SPRING 2022 starting January 10
  • Students completing each class will earn 3 college credit hours per course (6 credit hours for Cherokee I & II)


How much will it cost?  ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!

  • NO COST for Cherokee students who are approved for enrollment and who have been approved for a Cherokee Language Scholarship
  • This is a $787 value covering all tuition and fees.


How do I enroll?

               Go to and click on “LEARN MORE AND REGISTER”


Go to and register for enrollment.

               Need more information:

Email or call Jake Swicegood at / 918-343-7751


How do I apply for the Cherokee Nation Language Scholarship?


Can I take this class if I do not have high-speed Internet at home or cannot attend my regular school?

Yes!  The Cherokee Language course in which you enroll is offered in multiple access formats throughout the Cherokee Nation jurisdiction:

  • as a BROADCAST TELECOURSE over RSU Public TV (watch the lectures on your in-home television – accessible with antenna reception, cable or satellite)
  • as a series of ON-DEMAND VIDEOS found on the RSU Public TV Distance Learning Classroom website ( (watch the videos on your iPhone or other cellular-based devices)
  • as a traditional ONLINE COURSE (on your home computer, at a local library or in your public school classroom)


Will I have access to the course teacher?

Yes!  Students will be able to speak with and interact with the course professor/teacher by email, text and other online technology formats.


How will I take the tests / be graded?

Proctored testing access will be provided through online resources.


NEED TO ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!!  Our recruitment and RSU Public TV staff is available to set up a day of enrollment at your school campus. RSU will proved a recruiter to assist the students who want enroll through RSU ‘s website and access to the Cherokee Language Scholarship application. It is imperative that students interested in concurrent classes for the Summer or Fall semester enroll ASAP and complete the Language Scholarship application.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to call Royal Aills at 918-343-7657 or Jake Swicegood at 918-343-7751.  Please print out this information and share with parents and all students who may be eligible and interested.